Islamic art sculpture — the Qibla Finder

Modern Islamic art sculpture

The Qibla Finder is a modern Islamic art sculpture by Shimon Fleuri which one should be installed in the very Center of Europe*. This Islamic art work would show the artificial right hand with the long pointing forefinger representing Qibla's direction. The monumental figure is supposed to be made within 3-6 months, be about 5 meter long, weighing 990 kilos.

When such a muslim sculpture is done under supervision of the artist, it would be set as the central figure at the open-air museum the Park of Europe. It would allow at least twice a year keep reminding the nations of Europe to which direction ones shall worship Allah.

The philanthropists or the sponsors are welcomed.

Total cost: £ 199.000

The philanthropist or the sponsor** shall get:

  • His or Her name set in the history of the European art.
  • The smaller version of the art work signed by the artist.
  • The powerful demo of the personal Honor and Dignity.


* The modern Islamic art sculpture might be set in your city (for example, Grozny etc.)

** The advertising possibilities covering Europe